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Egoraptor encouraged Redditors (citizens of to ask him questions on IAmA. He stayed for about 4 hours, bombarded with questions and comments. The thread ended up on the front page and had1868 replies (at the moment of writing this article).

Egoraptor is the creator of the Awesome Series (Awesome Reach, PokeAwesome and more) and a very acclaimed critic of video games. Those that want to learn how to make games, review them or how to make animations should read the interview because there are some powerful advices, most of them can be summed up by “Don’t stop. DON’T STOP. KEEP DOING IT”. All in all he had a fun and successful time in Reddit, unlike Woody Harrelson. Here is what he had to say about the experience:

Thank you all for being so fucking kind to me. I’ve had such a good time answering questions. I only took like 4 hours out of my day to do this and I hope that doesn’t make me a loser celebrity who only answers ten questions but I tried to answer a ton until I got to a point where 20 questions in a row were already answered. I hope that’s okay, because I’m so hungry, I need to go eat and then get some work done haha. Thanks for hanging out with me!

It is such a looooooong thread so, for this post, I’m going to pick a few gaming-related questions (maybe one or two unrelated but awesome questions/answers) so you get an idea of how it was like and, if interested, read the whole thing yourself.

Note: Bold are the Redditors and normal is the man himself.


How upset were you when the iOS port of Mega Man X featured just about everything you said was wrong with gaming today?

It’s pretty depressing, but it’s also uplifting that I’ve gotten nothing but comments saying how disgusting it is. I’m glad people aren’t suckered into it. That’s what’s more upsetting.

I would like you to know that you draw the best expressions I have ever seen, and your voice acting and narration always makes me laugh. I love you.

Thanks I love you too… but you know, no homo.

Your game criticism in the Sequelitis episodes is incredibly insightful. Do you have a background in something like this and you’re brilliant or are you just brilliant?

Haha thanks. I don’t have a background, just passionate about games and taking it a step further. I’ve read many many articles, books, and watched lectures so I like to think I’m educated somewhat formally, but even then my views on game design are dissimilar to any one mindset. I think the biggest catalyst to my education was Jon Blow. It was reading about him and hearing his lectures that really made me think there was more to gaming.

What is the future of Squilities, and do you have any games more awesome then Mega Man X lined up?

Sequelitis is my new favorite so it’s going to last a while. Any game more awesome than MMX? It’s my favorite game so… no. lol Next Sequelitis are Link to the Past vs. Ocarina of Time. Then MGS1 vs. MGS2. Then Mass Effect vs. Mass Effect 2. Then probably one on Mega Man X4.

I like getting ahead of myself a little.

Is there a sequelitis that you’re afraid to do, possibly because of viewer backlash or just a game that’s too close to your heart to pick it apart like you do? Loving your vids man!

No game is too sacred to pick apart, in fact the games that are sacred are the ones that need to be picked apart the most because gamers are obsessed with hyperbole (best game EVER etc). If these games are so great, why? And what can we learn from them?

I get a lot of requests for Zelda 1 and 2 but I dunno if I want to do that, there’s too much that’s different it’s hard to compare similarities.


You should have expected it.


Who is your all time favorite video game character?

Ulala from Spaaaace Channel 5!

As a gamer with some experience under your belt, what do you think the number one threat to gaming is?

Hmmmm… “threat to gaming” is vague. I guess I can sum it up to one thing.

As an artform, I think a problem is game design in general being misconstrued as a business tactic. Games were commercialized so quickly in their lifespan that they had no time to develop into works of art, they’re all mass produced slop. So stuff like achievements or leveling up or upgrades that are viewed as fundamental game design, good game design, respectable game design, are really just manipulative business tactics.

I think the public’s perception of gaming is skewed even more heavily by this, and there is no respectable, artistic game to look to when arguing games as art. So shitty manipulative games are going to keep coming out, more people are going to think that’s all gaming is, and no big strides are going to be made by people who aren’t absolutely hardcore into art gaming, therefore no one will respect the big strides made by these people. It’s a niche and it shouldn’t be.

With all this in mind, I think the biggest threat is nobody saying anything about how respectable gaming can be, and keeping it a niche. My ability to speak to a lot of people in a manner they can understand about games is an ability I hold very dear to me, and I think it’s important that I educate people on how gaming can be very significant to human life. In addition, I think people not making good games is a huge threat too. lol.

Are you ready for Halo Reach?

Never even played it bro.

Happy that way.

Are there any video games that you will never parody as part of the Awesome Series, and if so, why?

I used to say Halo, but woah nelly I was wrong.

Grand Theft Auto is another one, but I think I’ve written a script about it. Battlefield or Call of Duty, because I dunno what to do. They’re so boring, there’s no soul or character in them. You shoot guns? Where’s the joke? War isn’t funny.

Pokemon. Now that’s funny.

Do you think you’ll ever make a Sequelitis about any Sonic game?

I’m not sure. I don’t like Sonic. I really don’t. I guess that could be an interesting topic since I don’t like any of the games, but we’ll see. It is really interesting to see them try to bring a 2D formula that didn’t work too well and put it into 3D where it REALLY doesn’t work too well. They try so hard.

Are you planning on making an Mass Effect awesome cartoon to coincide with the release of Mass Effect 3? I saw you mention it in one of your panels put on youtube, and I was so GODDAMN EXCITED.

I’m planning two Mass Effect productions. I dunno how soon they can come out but they are a definite yes. The Mass Effect toon is hilarious, and the Mass Effect Sequelitis will be really good I think.

Megaman Legends 3 Yes/No?

I was never a huge Legends fan but it was fun. I was excited but it got cancelled so that’s kind of a bummer.

Being a big Megaman fan, what are your opinions on the iOS version, and do you have any quick thoughts or ideas on how Capcom (or whoever may pick it up) could bring him back better than before?

Being a big Megaman fan, what are your opinions on the iOS version, and do you have any quick thoughts or ideas on how Capcom (or whoever may pick it up) could bring him back better than before?

Do you enjoy Super Mario 64 or any video game that has been gone from 2D to 3D?

Mario 64 is pretty good but I’ve always hated HATED 3D Mario’s controls. And they can’t let it go. Mario 3D Land controlled way better but he still has that weird momentum thing where if you change direction at a certain point in the jump or walk you go really slow and it bugs the shit out of me.

What would you recommend to someone who loves gaming and the idea of designing their own game, but can’t draw for shit and lacks math skills? As a senior in high school, this is a burning question…

(I’m more of a writer myself anyway I guess, LOVE your videos man!)

Game Design isn’t based on programming or art, it’s about good ideas and good judgement. Just doodle some ideas on a notepad with stick figures. See if you can make some friends who will help you a lot. There are plenty of great artists and great programmers who are not good at designing games and don’t even want to design games.

Did you like Mega Man 9 and 10? I loved both but I see a lot of negativity towards 10. Also, if you can, opinions on the Vita from what you played in The Tester?

[edit] Also, what is your favorite piece of animated work from Television or Film, based on the animation?

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

I think 9 and 10 are both solid. I think the complaints are less important than the core. Like, the music isn’t good, it’s weird how it’s so serious. Like who cares. And I didn’t even really think the music was that bad, In fact mentioning MM10 got Blade Man’s tune stuck in my head.

MM9 and 10 did everything right as far as level design and game design. Really solid, fun games. But I’m glad there’s no MM11.


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